Meta Outlets is changing how you do online shopping...

Become part of the future of interactive marketplaces.

Building a community for online commerce...

We plan to change how the game is played. There is layers to it.

Market innovations will flow from us...

Be a world citizen step out of your comfort zone.

About us

What is Meta Outlets?

We are going to be "the spot". The place you go to find new projects. Sell your wares or services through our platform. Meet new people and see new technology in action.

Built on Binance Smart Chain

Because someone needs to make a project with Smart Chain infrastructure that is ACTUALLY WORTH IT'S SALT


Our token will fund innovation, expansion into the metaverse, and help provide a safe environment to do international business.

Customize your assets

One aspect will be 2D and 3D customization. Allowing you to express yourself via Mobile, Desktop, VR, AR and XR. Customize your avatars, your property, the environment.


Meta Outlets Timeline

Q3 2022
  • Conception
  • Drafting Designs
  • Research and Development
Q4 2022
  • Site Launch
  • $METAO Token Launch
  • LOGO Reveal
  • Community Building
Q1 2023
  • NFT Minting
  • Community Design Contest
  • Launch the DAO
Q2 2023
  • Secret game changing airdrop to early token adoptors for the 2023 New Year.
  • Prime Realestate Auction
  • Advertisment Location Auction
  • Community Asset Contest
Q3 2023
  • Early Adoptors Alpha
  • Rental Dashboard Contest
  • Service and Utility Hub
  • White Paper Update
Q4 2023
  • Entertainment Venue Auction
  • Community Hiring Event
  • Community Innovation Hackathon

How we work

Starting small but will grow fast

Our goal is to bring real world value from the digital world. We plan to employ and support our users with community and resources. When you benefit we benefit.

Set up your wallet

We are compatible with all Binance Smart Chain compatible wallets. Although, we suggest using Meta Mask or Trust Wallet.

Purchase your land deed

We plan to auction off all land deeds slowly and fairly. In order to provide a more decentralized level playing field.

Customize Your Area

We want you to be able to express your skills. While also allowing others to help. We are planning more than one way to share 2D and 3D artwork. With interactive events people will be able to help each other or flex on each other there will be a wide variety of options.

Get Invovled in the Community

We low key got hella more stuff planned. It would be smart to get involved, because we want to mostly hire from within our community.

NFT featured

Arts & collectibles

Own your own Opp

We will provide the community and resources to help you market in the Metaverse...

Meta Outlets

It's time to step outside your comfort zone and become a international citizen.

our mission

We want to provide a safe and friendly captivating enviorment for people to conduct commerce in. We love VR, AR, XR technology and want to build out and innovate how people interact in a business setting.

Technology We Are Deploying With

Meta Outlets Infrastructure


Looking for answers?

What are the NFTs?

We make utility NFTs that are esoteric in nature. The more involved you are the more you will get out of your NFT.

How can we buy your NFTs?

You can't yet, they will be debut on when the time is right.

Who are the team behind the project?

Do you really care about a team if things gets done in a quality fashion, advertising impressions are being made, progess is obvious, and real people are using it... Just playing this project was made by Creation Club. A Nifty Team of ANON-developers deploying some strategic assets.

How do I get NFTs?

If you don't know how to obtain NFT ownership of our virtual property this is not for you. Meta Outlets management is for advanced users of crypto.

Who can mint Meta Outlets NFT?

You will need our token $META to purchase our NFTs. The amount will change by the size, level, or location. Prime real estate next to the starting point or at the top will hold the most value.

Where can I mint my Meta Outlets land deed?

Stay tuned we plan to release a minter soon. To be fair everyone can only mint 1 NFT land deed per wallet. You may buy more on the secondary market if you wish.